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Metamora Courthouse

The Metamora Courthouse is one of only two remaining courthouses from the Eighth...

Metamora Courthouse


The Metamora Courthouse is one of only two remaining courthouses from the Eighth Judicial Circuit, where Abraham Lincoln practiced law for 12 years. (The other is located in Mt. Pulaski.) Lincoln's contemporaries on the circuit include lawyers Edward Baker, Stephen Logan, and John Stuart. Judges David Davis and Samuel Treat presided at the courthouse during Lincoln's time. Other famous lawyers and jurists at the courthouse were Stephen Douglas, Robert Ingersoll, and Adlai Stevenson.

The building now includes a museum and restored courtroom. The museum, located on the first floor, includes an American flag made for the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates. Visitors will also find a table used by Lincoln during the 1860 Presidential Campaign. (The table had to be cut to make room for Lincoln's especially long legs.) Upstairs, the courtroom, jury room, and judge's chambers have been carefully restored. The courtroom appears much the way it would have in 1845, complete with furnishings of the time.

The building was constructed in the Greek Revival style, including four fluted Doric columns in front. (The bricks for the two-story structure were fired in town.) Constructed in 1845, the courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.
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